Good choice!

You obviously have good taste and above-average intelligence. Here, let me tell you a few things about life in the Pods.

The Mythical Casual Guild That Raids

The Pod People is always looking to add to its ranks. If you’re looking for a fun, casual guild populated by people who get along without much guild drama (it’s been like years since our last guild forum flame war), who help each other and even raid together, you could do a lot worse than the Pods. Founded over eight years ago by a group of podcasters (hence the name) from Taverncast and others, the Pods have been carrying on ever since. We tend to be very unserious about it all and are really just looking for people we will get along with. To that end, here’s a semi-formal sort of mission statement and an application form if you’re interested in joining. See you in game!


To be a casual, fun-loving, friendly guild respected by the players of Whisperwind for both our attitude and our achievements.


The Pod People will provide a family-friendly atmosphere where players of all ages, skill levels and abilities can have fun together as their individual interests and play styles dictate – promoting the ideals of mutual respect, trust, individuality, teamwork, and community.


CASUAL: We will provide and maintain an open, casual environment to play the World of Warcraft, and not otherwise be administered as a raiding or achievement based guild. Any “end game” or raid content that is undertaken will be done primarily as a member created endeavor, and not as an exclusive guild sponsored activity. The primary function of the guild is to provide a community and organizing mechanism where all aspects of the game can be enjoyed – but it is up to members of the community to plan and organize the many and varying paths to enjoyment that the game offers.

RESPECT: We will constantly strive to respect the perspectives, play styles, and orientations of fellow members of the guild and other players on the server in the context of day to day communication, teamwork, disputes, and altercations. The right to dispute another person must be held in balance with the obligation to honor their right to disagree.

TRUST: We will exercise common sense and social decency in determining right from wrong, and are expected to do what is right for both ourselves and other members toward the betterment of the guild as a whole.

INDIVIDUALITY: We will encourage individuality in personality, play style and communication as long as individual actions are not a detriment to other members of the guild or other players on the server. We are encouraged to play the game in our own way without pressuring members in terms of leveling pace, class choice, talent specification, event or raid participation, intra-guild team membership and so on.

TEAMWORK: We will work together, both in and outside of our preferred groups of friends to the betterment of the guild as a whole.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: We commit to provide a family-friendly environment for members of all ages to game together. We acknowledge that the game is secondary to many real-life concerns such as work, school, and commitments to friends and family. We will strive to keep guild chat and voice communication a profanity free space that is safe and comfortable for all.

COMMUNITY: We acknowledge that the key to the success of the guild is the community that has formed around it. Above all else, the Pod People must be a place where the diversity of others is tolerated – where the respect of others is expected – and the freedom of each member to speak their minds is not infringed.

By completing and submitting the application, you acknowledge that you’ve read the above (or at least skimmed the high points) and you still think you’d make a good fit as a Pod.

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