So I asked Lokansenna to send me some notes as to the current state of Pod Raiding, et al, figuring I would get a list of days of the week and such. She sent this:

Good Morning Scruffi:

Lollerskates raids on Tuesday nights from 8:30pm(CST/server) until 11:00pm. We are currently working on the last boss in TOT and will be moving on to Flex SoO. Once we get the first wing down in flex, we will start regular mode for that portion as we work on the second wing in flex and continue that rotation.

The Retro raid is currently running on Sunday night at 6:00 or 7:00pm server to around 9:30-10:00 server. We are in Dragon Soul right now working on heroic kills and Achievements to obtain the mount. The Dragon Soul run will continue to run throughout January and into February as it takes a full four weeks to get one of the achievements and we want to include everyone that would like to run.

One of the things about being a Pod raider is that it is geared toward those players that may only get on a few times a week or have busy out-of-game lives. We enjoy gathering on Tuesday evenings for an in-game social hour or two and have some fun downing bosses as we go. As a raid leader I do ask that everyone try to run the LFR version of the raids to understand some of the dance of each fight and give simple explanations of what may change as we move to the flex and regular versions.

If the Pods have enough interest I would be happy to add back in our Friday night raid, which is a continuation from where Lollerskates left off on Tuesdays.

Our raid team is currently in need of an alternate tank in case Cheebatank or Igoar is not available. An alternate heals/dps person to step in and heal on nights one of our healers is out. Two to three dps slots are usually open on raid nights.

If you are the type of person that enjoys playing WoW, but do not have the time to commit to a hardcore raid team, and would like to see the endgame content, come give The Pod People a try.

As we prepare for the new patch release it will be nice not to have to leave the 11th or 12th spot on the bench and bring them with us. It will also be nice to run when we only have ten.

My goal would be to get 12 to 14 regular raiders, as not everyone can make it every week. I would like to get the Friday night raid going again, also with 12 to 14 raiders. Between the two nights, we will hopefully have a group of 20 that will be able to continue on with the new expansion in the works.

I hope this helps provide information on what is happening in the pod raiding world and look forward to seeing you on tomorrow night to wipe TOT off our list.


In summary:
WEEKLY RAID – Tuesday nights 8pm server (CST) (looking for more tanks)
WEEKLY FLEX – Wednesday night, 8pm server (team up with Scotch and Soda, Siege of Orgrimmar)
RETRO RAID – Sunday night s 6/7pm server (Dragon Soul for the mounts and chieves)

So there ya go! The current state of Pod Raiding, January 2014. Happy New Year!

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