Escape Pods!

Guess what! The Pods have an Alliance sister guild called the Escape Pods. I understand if you didn’t know that or had forgotten – it hasn’t really seen much traffic recently, but it’s been around since Vanilla. It was originally started because a lot of players had started on Alliance before coming to the Pods, so they wanted a place to play with the same people on the Noob Side. Also, it served as a way to do Pod v Pod Battlegrounds in the early days (when you could take advantage of a game mechanic to join a BG as a group, so we could fill both sides of an AV with Pod People).

Such trickery is no longer needed of course. The game has plenty of ways we can meet up to shoot and stab each other now.

But the Escape Pods live on! Currently GMd by Walajut (as Annbeth), and still leveling (currently at 11).

The Armory page is here

The following member toons have invite powers:

Annbeth or Argharna +2 more (Walajut ) GM
Jenjanie (Jenjani)
Tribense (Tribes)
Yib or Wib (Awlhollows ) Representative
Sinwithin (Dravenhart)
Gilnar (Balmer) logs in about every 3-4 months on EP’s
Islah (Zabros) Representative

So! If you have an urge to scrub up and go play on the shiny side of Azeroth, go hang out with your Pod pals in the Escape Pods.