Friday the 13th Hearthstone Tourney!
We’re having another Hearthstone tournament, folks! I had a lot of fun at the last one in spite of the fact that it really was a battle of the noobs ]:)

Very much looking forward to doing this on a more or less regular basis. In this case, you have a couple of weeks (nearly) to jump in to Hearthstone (it’s really easy to learn) and/or sharpen your skills. We’ll be playing with random decks, to keep it simple and fast.

From Cheeba’s forum post:

HELLO HELLO!! This is to be a tourney for all no matter your skill level or deck size.

The idea is that the participants will go to the create a deck page, then pick a hero, and rather then pick any cards you will click the “done” button and the game will ask you if it should fill out the deck for you and click the “yes” button. This way we will all have completely randomized decks and shall commence to do battle.