First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the Poddiversary Panda Race last friday. it seemed like everyone had fun chattering in Vent and racing through some fun content (that, surprisingly, was brand new for a few folks!). Turned out to be a nice cap-off of the Pandaren expansion, I feel.

The winners, in order:

I’m exempt from prizes, as the GM and event organizer. Tuscan has exempted himself as well because he MADE the prizes for first place and so he already has them all (round of applause for his contribution, please). So that leaves 8 tiers of prizes. Which are in the form of cash (gold) and mounts/pets, as follows:

Priestess: Mount + pet + 5000g
Roxi/Violencia: 2 Pets + 4000g
Gotar: Pet + 3000g
Zabros: Pet + 2000g
Lokansenna: Pet + 1500g
Walajut: Pet + 1000g
Bessie: Pet + 500g
Cheeba: Pet + 250g

The mounts/pets:
MOUNT: Sky Golem
Personal World Destroyer x3
Moon Moon
Sapphire Cub
Chi-ji Kite
Yu’lon Kite
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Feindish Imp x2
L’il Bling
Pandaren Air Spirit
Menagerie Custodian
Mountain Panda x2
Mini Mindslayer
Viscidus Globule

Now, since I have no idea what pets people have I’m going to let each winner pick their favorites, starting at the top of the list: priority goes to the higher winners, so I will be sending an in-game mail to the winners in succession asking you to pick your favorites. So keep an eye out for that.

Thanks again to everyone that came to the Poddiversary – see you all at the Halloween Event!