Grats, guys! /champagne
Crazy as it sounds, this guild is now nine years old.

Even crazier, I’ve been here since the beginning and boy has it been a ride. In fact, August marked my own personal 9th anniversary playing World of Warcraft.

And it’s pretty much your fault. I would have quit this game so many times over the years but I kept coming back for the guild, for the people. For the Pods.

As it happens, this September also marks my fourth year as GM – first as an interim position and then as an elected (an eventually re-elected) position.

So, thanks to all of you for letting me do this for so long, and thanks for being a guild and a group of real people I want to keep playing with. I don’t know if WoW has nine more years left in it, but here’s to seeing it through with you guys.


ps. Here’s a forum poll for preferred nights for having an event! Please go and let me know your preference. If you have more than one leave a comment in the thread. Thanks!