Just because it’s Pirate Day and it’s an excuse to get together and do something silly.
Friday the 19th, 8:30 pm server time
Meet up at Booty Bay on the roof where the Pirate Day NPCs are
Bring your Savory Deviate Delight!
If we have enough people, we’ll do some dungeon races or something equally silly.

This is the Big Pod Party – hopefully we get a nice turnout: more Pods = more funs! If you can’t make the 19th, please come to this one!
Friday the 26th, 8:30 pm server time
Meet up in front of Orgrimmar
Bring fireworks!
We’ll be rolling up brand new Pandas (make sure to have a character slot open) and racing to level 10. You can pick any class, so give that some thought ahead of time if you like. There will be prizes and gold awards for winners and participants.
Once everyone’s hit level 10 with their new Pod Pandas, we will take our fuzzy new critters off to a battleground for some Pod v Pod action.
Prizes to be announced.
In-game invites have gone out to all (most?) toons of Pod level or above so check the calendar and accept that invite!

Oh, and there is just one more thing..

Hey, just to mention that this is still a thing, and we’re still offering gold bounties on the remaining class/race combinations needed for this achievement. The guild gets an 8th Vault slot (very useful!) and you get 5000 gold.
AND to celebrate the 9th Poddiversary, I’m raising the bounty to 9000 gold (!) if we get them done by the end of September (yes, that only leaves two weeks or so for the bonus bounties – START!)
Here are the combinations that are still needed:
Troll: Warrior
Pandaren: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue

So there you go! All the updates!

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