Happy Poddiversary everyone, Pods past and present! I salute you all for making the last 10 years so adventurous.

Thanks to the Founders, the original podcasters and their audiences, who gathered together to learn the game, to explore, to level, to break the server, to become notorious, and to make such an indelible impression on the World of Warcraft that I still get people saying, “THE Pod people?!” when I introduce the guild.

Thanks to the guildies who have come and gone, who made the forums such a fun place back in the day (even the ones who set it on fire from time to time). All part of the experience.

Thanks to the guildies who have stuck around through it all, who have returned and play with us now. And to the new blood recently joined, I can only apologize in advance.

Noobs, all of you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love and beer to you all! But mostly love.