Happy impending Poddiversary, guildies! This September will mark the fourteenth year the Pods have been in business (and incidentally the fourteenth year for me personally playing WoW and Scruffi in the Pods).

I think it’s really nice of Blizzard to honor us by releasing World of Warcraft Classic to coincide with this auspicious and momentous occasion. Yes, Classic has a release date now (August 27, close enough to count), and a lot of Classic Pods seem to be very much looking forward to it. We’ve been seeing an uptick in interest in the game, the return of some old favorite guildies, and even some old TavernCasters (I don’t know what they’re up to yet, but I expect it’ll be fun to find out).

The Pods are planning to guild up in Classic, of course. We’re going to need the support and chat if we’re going to slog through all of those slow quest lines and having to run everywhere. Having worked through Vanilla in 2005 (and both of the recent previews/stress tests), there are things I’m going to miss about the modern game while in Classic, but I am looking forward to getting all my old Hunter abilities back. That just might make it all worth it right there.

It’s no secret that we’ve been going through one of the expansion malaise periods lately, so it’ll be fun to get some new life injected into the game and the guild. So hats off to any of you returning Classics, and also to any of you newer noobs who happen to have stumbled in to the Pods as recent recruits.

For the Horde!