**How to apply for membership**

The Pods are once again accepting membership applications. Check here for information on how to apply!

**How to apply for membership**

Postby Podmother » Wed May 17, 2006 6:10 am

Thank you for your interest in The Pod People! Prior to completing your membership application, please be sure to read the following important information to make sure that The Pod People is the right guild for you.
  • The Pod People Vision
  • Important: The application is the only way that the Pod Representatives can get to know you prior to deciding whether or not you will be invited to the guild. We encourage you to be thoughtful and candid in your responses to the questions. Incomplete, incomprehensible, or overly concise applications will not be accepted.

    The Application Process
    1. Register for the forums using the characters name you are applying for.
    2. Copy the application below (between the == rows).
    3. Paste the application into an email message with your Horde character's name as the subject and complete the application.
    4. Send the application to podsofwhisperwind@gmail.com.
    5. The Pod Representatives will reply to let you know that your application was received.
    6. The Pod Representatives will review your application and send a decision to your character through the game mail system. This review process may take up to two weeks from the time that your application is posted.
If you are accepted into the guild, there is a 4-week probationary period before you are promoted to full membership. During the probationary period, we encourage you to play your character so that you can decide if the guild is a good fit for you while the Pod Representatives determine if you are a good fit for the guild.

Good luck!

If you have any questions, contact one of the Pod Representatives (Scruffi, Chriasas, Umbrial, Zondebok, or Takunan) through the forums or in game.

Please include the entire application between the == lines in your post, along with your responses.

Please fill out this application and do not skip questions. Please answer each question as completely as possible.

1. What is the name, level, race, and class of your character?

2. Please list the class, race, and level of any World of Warcraft characters you have that you play regularly. If you don't have any other characters, please let us know what games similar to Warcraft you've played before.

3. Tell us about your experiences with any other guild(s), either on Whisperwind or on other servers.

4. How did you hear about The Pod People?

5. What is it specifically about The Pod People that made you want to apply to this guild?

6. What do you expect the guild will do for you?

7. What will you contribute to the guild?

8. How would you describe yourself as a player?

9. When you play do you prefer grouping or soloing, and why?

10. If a disagreement were to arise between yourself and another player, how would you handle it?

11. What is your biggest complaint regarding WoW?

12. Does anyone else have access to your account?

13. If you were a snack food, what would you be and why?

14. Is there anything else you think the guild should know about you when considering your membership application?

By submitting this application, I state that I have read and understand the Pod People Guild Vision and agree to abide by its spirit if accepted to The Pod People.

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